Saved from Forced Early Marriage

Lucy and Lydia are sisters. They lost their parents when they were still very young. Then they were separated; Lucy (the eldest) sent to live with a distant uncle in Kenya, and Lydia left with neighbors in Tanzania who had little interest in the child.

Lucy was allowed to enroll in public school and was doing well. Her uncle, however, didn't see the value in her education and decided to marry her off. She ran away to avoid female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage, and appealed to her school's head teacher to help her. 

Her school teachers all came together to protect Lucy, helping her finish her primary school years by housing her and contributing to cover school costs. When she graduated, they continued to house her and managed to enroll her in secondary school under special circumstances. Eventually, however, those special circumstances came to an end and the teachers could no longer cover her tuition fees, so Lucy was forced to leave school.

Hopeless, she ran away, crossing the Kenyan savanna and into Tanzania to look for her little sister. Chief Mary, an integral member of Coins for Change's Maasai Advisory Board, was informed about Lucy's departure by her school teachers, who had taken a strong interest in Lucy and her potential. She went looking for Lucy and brought her back to the Coins for Change Gregoire SafeHouse, together with her little sister Lydia.

Thanks to donations like yours, these sisters are now reunited. They have been enrolled in good boarding schools, where they will be looked after, kept safe, and given the opportunity to get an education. They are safe, happy, and hopeful of a better future!

If you would like to get involved and help Lucy and Lydia as they go through their education, please do! You can help keep them in school and give them a chance at a better future.