Coins for Change has five donation-based focus areas, all of which address the key issues identified with our Maasai Advisory Board.

Sponsored students Yiarot Maturtesabi, Sponsor AFNorth MS Student Council

Sponsoring Children’s Education.

Being sponsored into a quality boarding school helps protect Maasai girls from forced FGM and early marriage, and provides them with three meals a day and a good education. These girls tend to marry later in life and foster healthier and more prosperous conditions for their families and communities. Read more.

Alleviating poverty.

In 2009, Kenya had a severe drought that killed 90% of the Maasai’s livestock. Most Amboseli Maasai now live on 35c a day. Donating a goat to a family gives them a sustainable source of nutrition and income, as the goat’s milk can be consumed or exchanged for other much-needed items. Read more.


Building a Safe House.

When Maasai girls and women are endangered in Amboseli, Kenya, they run to Chief Mary Kahingo. The Safe House is being built next to Chief Mary’s home and will protect the women and girls until the courts or Maasai chiefs are able to alleviate the danger. Read more.

Building an Academy for Women’s and Girls’ Rights.

The Academy will train Maasai women and girls as peer educators and change agents in the community, acquainting them with the Kenyan laws that ban early marriage and FGM, and teaching them accepted alternative non-FGM rite of passage ceremonies. Read more.


Building a Women’s Center.

This will be a training center to learn new and necessary skills, allowing women to be more in control of their own destiny. The Center will have spaces for beadwork, sewing and leatherwork. It will teach women life skills such as basic literacy, how to market their handcrafted items, how to protect their families from infectious diseases, and how to stop gender discrimination. It will also have a safe house, a women’s medical clinic and a birthing center. Read more.