Naboye KarasinkaMeet Naboye, who was forced to flee from her home with her mother to save herself from female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.

Naboye, one of eight siblings, grew up like so many other Maasai girls, a victim and prisoner of extreme poverty and tradition. She was able to go to school for a brief period of time and showed herself to be hardworking and determined, but she missed too many school days in order to fulfill her obligations at home, and eventually dropped out of school.

Her elder brother, tasked with providing for the family after they lost their father fifteen years ago, decided to have Naboye undergo FGM and sell her into early marriage. To save herself, Naboye fled with her mother to the Coins for Change SafeHouse, where they have been under the care of Chief Mary ever since.

Now, with the generosity of a Coins for Change donor, Naboye is being given a chance at a better life. She is being sponsored to a local boarding school that will allow her to further her education without the threat of FGM or early marriage hanging over her.

We hope that she will feel safe to learn and to dream of a brighter future.