What makes us different

Coins for Change has a Maasai Advisory Board that helps direct our efforts and maximize the impact of our projects and donations

maasai-advisory-boardCoins for Change established and maintains a very strong relationship and open dialogue with Maasai chiefs in the Amboseli region of Kenya. It is through this close connection to the Maasai people that Coins for Change has seen, up close, the key issues perpetuating this vicious cycle and has been able to develop targeted and effective projects to address them.

The collaboration with the Maasai chiefs and people is such that Coins for Change actually has three Maasai chiefs, two Maasai elders and one Maasai Midwife on their Advisory Board. In fact, the first and only Maasai woman chief in all of Kenya, Chief Mary Kahingo, sits on the Advisory Board of Coins for Change. No less important is the fact that all Coins for Change volunteers are locals and members of the Maasai tribe.


thanking-sponsors-benson-sinkol-sironkaCoins for Change donors can see the direct impact of their donations and hear from the people whose lives they have changed

Given the close connection that Coins for Change has with the Maasai, donors are able to see the direct impact of their contributions through written and visual updates and are even able to hear from the children and women whose lives they have changed. This proximity and transparency is rare and unique, and something that Coins for Change strives to maintain.


Last, but not least, every dollar donated to Coins for Change is given directly and entirely to the Maasai

Coins for Change does not use your donations to cover overhead costs, so every dollar donated goes directly to the project you have selected.